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How to contribute an image

The GOBY FRONTIERS has three kinds of open spaces,Message board,New Arrivals and Image Archives of Gobies.

"Message board" is an open space for all divers and aqualists.Please feel free to write all about fishes.
"New arrivals" is the latest news that has been contributed to this site from all over the world.
"Image Archives" is a Goby guide which is made up of your contributing.

GOBY FRONTIERS would be grateful if your contributing image follows the rules below...

+ Please send the image in to the exclusive e-mail address which is described later.
+ The recommended file size is 480 px wide & 320 px long , JPG normal quality file.
+ It would be helpful if you trim the image as small as you can within any goby fins would not be cut.
+ GOBY FRONTIERS adds the credit " your name" if the contributing image doesn't have it"

About copyright

The GOBY FRONTIERS is managed by "divedeep" a private person voluntarily.

So,the GOBY FRONTIERS asks you for your generosity for any carelessness on its part.

+ The copyright of the contributing image belongs to the contributor.The webmaster of GOBY __FRONTIERS never divert it to any other purpose without any permission of the copyright holder.
+ The contributor needs to allow the webmaster of GOBY FRONTIERS to the conditions below about
__the display,use and reformation of the image for convenience' sake of the formation of this website.
+ Please notice that GOBY FRONTIERS regard the contributor as allowing those conditions when
__GOBY FRONTIERS received an image through the exclusive e-mail address which is described later.

1. The copyright holder needs to allow the webmaster of GOBY FRONTIER to add the copyright credit
__to the image.
2. The copyright holder needs to allow the webmaster of GOBY FRONTIER to resize the image to
__make smaller image for the indexes of this web site.
3. The copyright holder needs to allow the webmaster of GOBY FRONTIER to use without any rental
4.The copyright holder never claim damages against the GOBY FRONTIER concerning any
__inconveniences or losses which is resulted from the display of the contributing image on this web __site.
5. The copyright holder needs to allow that,in case some profit would take place on this site,the GOBY
__FRONTIERS would return 100% of the benefit to the copyright holder in principle under the condition
__that it would be clearly confirmable whose image gains the profit,but if it would not be clear,for
__example,the address of this web site appears in some magazine and the webmaster of GOBY
__FRONTIERS gains the publication fee...,the GOBY FRONTIERS need not share the benefit to all
__copyright holders.
6. The copyright holder can claim at anytime the withdrawal of the publication from GOBY FRONTIERS.
__And GOBY FRONTIERS must follow the claim quickly.

If you agree to the conditions,please click here to go next procedure.

If you don't agree to the conditions,please refrain from contributing.

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